2017 Oil Slick Award: Senator Tom Croci

It’s hard to square the voting record of Senator Tom Croci (R-Hauppauge) with the environment his constituents live, work, and play in. His district is in the middle of the south shore of Long Island, home to parts of the Great South Bay and the Fire Island National Seashore. It’s a truly beautiful part of the state.

Croci Oil Slick

His home county, Suffolk, does have its challenges though. It is number one in both the number of vehicles and sources of air emissions.

Given the sensitive ecosystems and the huge impacts on the environment in his district, one would think protecting it would be a high priority.

Sadly, for him, it isn’t.

He earned a failing score of 59.

As a former local official, Senator Croci knows full well the value of home rule and the problems with litter. Yet, he still stood in support of legislation that blocks Suffolk County’s local law to curb disposable plastic bag waste. His plan to rid the state of plastic bags is to feed them into the Town of Islip garbage burning plant on Long Island. Out of sight, out of mind, unless you have asthma and are inhaling the toxic air contaminants. Senator Croci opposes the siting of offshore wind because of a trumped up concern that terrorists would target the facilities and throw all of Long Island into darkness.

He voted to gut funding for clean and renewable energy, electric vehicle purchase rebates, and programs to help homeowners and businesses cut their energy bills so that the State could subsidize upstate nuclear power plants.

Finally, Senator Croci was the only member of the Senate who voted to allow Big Oil to turn the iconic Hudson River into an oil barge parking lot (Bill Summary #15).

For having the second lowest score in the Senate, for trying to kill clean energy, and for standing up for Big Oil, we bestow on Senator Croci the 2017 Oil Slick Award.”